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Airproof Die-Casting Parts

Adhering to the requirements of worldwide well-known brand, Chi-Tai manufacture precise and high air-proof request aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting products for some main industries such as special use connector for nuclear power plant, special use pipe connector for specialized medical and food processing plant, kitchenware and gas oven boutique safety switch, accurate dimension request auto parts for automobile engine parts, mechanical motor assembly parts, automobile carburetor parts, completely airproof 3C electric products, high secret request military use electric products…etc. Chi-Tai OEM/ODM and sell our products worldwide.


Chi-Tai owns air and water pressure type auto-leak detector, going with full inspection procedure to ensure every of the products meet requirement about air-proof and anti-leakage. Chi-Tai design and make machining mixtures also offer assembly services for customers according to demands to prevent and reduce the potential risks might occur from moving forward to next processing. Chi-Tai will be your best cooperative partner.