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Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting

Chi-Tai, aluminum alloys die casting manufacturer, was established and started by designing and producing molds (tooling), then restructuring as a professional die-casting manufacturer. For aluminum alloy die-casting, we could OEM/ODM variety of accurate and high exterior appearance request complex shapes parts in accordance with product design and drawings.


Following are the variety of aluminum alloys materials Chi-Tai could produce for die-casting:
ASTM: A356, A360, A380, A383;
We could manufacture extremely small and thin parts and components (Min 2 grams in weight/ 1.2mm in length), product fertility and diversity are our unique characteristics.


Chi-Tai equips with central melting and holding furnaces to keep the condition of aluminum melt stable. With high technology and most advanced die-casting facilities, Chi-Tai are able to manufacture precise and complex structure aluminum alloy die-casting products. The products produced by the high quality molds from Chi-Tai will be more durable and good at heat-resistance. Most important of all, the price is very competitive among global market.