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Through the meticulously planning of many years, Chi Tai Casting Industrial Co., Ltd. has established the complete and consistent production standard operational process. In the entire smooth production operational process, each step is under rigorous control to pursue for perfection. We firmly believe that with the most enthusiastic, the speediest, and the most responsible services of the staff of Chi Tai Casting Industrial Co., Ltd., we can produce and design the products that meet the clients' demands.

  • Mold
    Manufacturing Process Analysis from Drawings 3D Drawing
    Injection Simulation AnalyzeFunctions Organize Molding
    Trial MoldSample Presentation ConfirmMass Production
  • Die Casting
    Aluminum/Zinc Ingot Melting Injection Cooling
    Formulation Raw Blank De-burring / Trimming
    Punching Press Inspection
  • Machining & Grinding
    • Flatness Adjustment CNC Precision Machining (NC / CNC)
      Tapping / DrillingInspection.
    • Precision Grinding / Manual Grinding / Vibrating Grinding.
  • Surface Treatment
    • Hardening / Heat Treatment
    • ChromateTumbling / Sand Blasting
    • Polishing / Buffing / Brush Finish
    • Rust-Proof Treatment / Salt Spray Test
    • Coating:Powder / Liquid / Electrolytic Coating / Lacquering
    • Anodizing:Ordinary / Semi-Hard / Hard / Super Hard
    • Plating:Vacuum Plating / Chrome Plating / Nickel Plating
  • Leak Test
    Injection Simulation Analyze Vacuum Die Casting
    Impregnation Treatment Partial Pressure
    Air / Water Pressure Tightness Test
  • Inspection and Shipment
    QC Inspection and Critical Dimension Measurement by 3D / 2.5D
    Components Assembly Fully Inspection by Assembly
    Packing Department Package and Shipment by Requests.