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    To provide the best products, Chi Tai constantly improves the technology and introduces the most advanced automatic production equipment to reach the stable quality and the expansion and increase of mass production.

    Chi Tai has the perfect facilities and the technological ability. The production facilities, such as the central control melting and holding furnace, the high speed die casting machine, the sand blasting, grinding, and polishing equipment, the CNC miller and lathe processing equipment, the special exclusive machine processing equipment, and the deposition equipment, and so on, are to elevate the die casting level, and solve the die casting technological problems, in addition, we attach importance to each stage of the production line to ensure each order can accomplish the clients' demands.

Die-Casting Capacity:

SpecificationMakerProjection AreaCasting WeightMin.Thickness
150T ZITAI 92~201cm2 0.47~1.95 2.0mm
180T ZITAI 92~250cm2 0.47~2.40 2.0mm
250T TOSHIBA 180~355cm2 0.66~3.02 2.3mm
250T High Speed TOSHIBA 180~355cm2 0.66~3.02 0.8mm
350T TOSHIBA 290~515cm2 0.87~3.61 2.5mm
420T ZITAI 395~650cm2 1.85~7.66 2.5mm
*Projection area and weight are based on full mold injections. Min. thickness should be based on actual product design.


  • Die Casting Site
  • Die Casting Site
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Central Melting and Holding Furnaces
  • Machining Centers
  • Hanger Sand Blasting
  • Rolling Sand Blasting
  • Chromate Treatment
  • Pressure Control Centers
  • Auto Tapping Machine
  • Semi-Auto Tapping Machine
  • Mold Processing Machine
  • CNC Milling Machine