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Zinc Alloy Die-Casting

Chi-Tai could manufacture precision zinc alloy die-casting alloy products in accordance with customers' demands with most economic mold/tooling charge and cost-effective production proposal.


Following are the variety of zinc alloys materials Chi-Tai could produce for die-casting:
Zinc 2, Zinc 3, Zinc 4, Zinc 5, Zinc 7, Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA8, ZA12, ZA27


The advantages of zinc alloy die-casting tooling
.Die-casting products are easier to meet high dimensional accuracy requirement
.Die life of zinc alloy molds are longer and able to up reach more than 20 million times
.Highly completion for finishing products that can reduce the proportion of processing
.Suitable for mass production demands


Features of zinc alloy die-casting products
.Easy to meet the dimension requirements in high accuracy and stability for finish products
.With excellent quality in product surface that can reduce additional surface treatment processing 
.High tensile strength for thin structural zinc alloy die casting products
.Lower costs for overall production
.With high production efficiency through the hot chamber die-casting
.Simple and easy production process to make costs more economic 
.Low costs at setting up modes 
.More flexible production speed adjustable, from low speed to high-speed are all possible 
.Excellent anti-corrosion characteristics